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Little Idiots by Christopher Minori

August 26, 2018

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Awakening: The Eye of the Scalien by Douglas W. Green

October 16, 2017


Awakening: The Eye of the Scalien by Douglas W. Green presents readers with a fascinating story of aliens and humans living amongst one another. Green has an exceptional imagination, and I applaud him for the time and effort that went into writing this book. This amount of research isn’t easy; his determination to write something great shines through each passage. His passion is apparent.


Awakening opens with a history of early humans. This immediately caught my interest because this is a subject I have studied for a few years. In the first chapter we learn that ancient aliens may have interfered with our evolution. After this, we begin to move through history until we reach our main characters, John Doe and Jennifer Morgan.   


John wakes up in a time and place he doesn’t recognize, and he’s surrounded by aliens called the Scalein; the planet is run by a government called EarthGov by man named President Johansen. Our second lead character is Jennifer Morgan, a doctor at the New Sirius City Hospital. She soon forms a relationship with John; they share the same views concerning the Scalien.   


Awakening is a mix of history and science fiction. This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading or watching television programs with a focus on the idea that aliens had a hand in our existence. This was a big draw for me; I’ve always been interested in stories, fact or fiction, concerning aliens or alien worlds.

I like how Green added in the history behind the story. This warms readers up to the ideas that the story is going to present. I feel that anyone who reads this has to be pretty open – minded to appreciate it. With ideas changing and a larger percentage of the population with a belief in aliens, this story comes at the right time. This is a big topic right now.


One of the most important aspects of this story was the focus on reaching equality for all and fighting injustice. Green used his platform as a writer in a big way. With the rising tensions in America, and generally around the world, this is currently an important issue. The Scalein are slaves to humans, and some humans want equality for everyone. Stories like this can become personal for some readers; a serious connection can be built.


There were some issues with Awakening. The characters spoke within the same paragraphs, which made it confusing at times. I wasn’t always sure who was speaking. I also came across a few grammatical errors, but nothing that can’t be fixed with another read through. Overall, I enjoyed Awakening, and I could easily see this story coming to life through a series or film.


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