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Little Idiots by Christopher Minori

August 26, 2018

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Little Idiots by Christopher Minori

August 26, 2018


Little Idiots is a horror/comedy novel written by Christopher Minori. It is a continuation of his short story titled, Final Request. Minori is also the creator and co-author of the cult hit play, The Texas Chainsaw Musical! It was praised by the Cleveland Plain Dealer as a top ten show in 2012. He has also written another horror/comedy anthology titled, Dirty Little Secrets.


This story focuses on a demon named Samm who was banished from hell and stripped of his powers. Now he has to find a way to get back to hell. It’s witty, well-written, and hilarious. Minori utilizes various themes throughout the story in a humorous yet intelligent way, creating a great balance of comedy and horror, which can be difficult to find in both film and literature.


If you enjoy stories that delve deeper into themes concerning good and evil mixed with comedy, then you’ll enjoy Minori’s work. I think I enjoyed this aspect of his book the most. I love when authors add elements to their stories that make readers view things from different perspectives, as well as adding comedy into it in a clever way. If you’re not a fan of horror or you’re especially sensitive to themes concerning religion, then I don’t recommend reading this.  


I enjoyed most of the characters in this story. Some stood out more than others. I especially enjoyed Samm and Barney. Their dynamic was interesting and entertaining; they developed well throughout the story. The story as a whole makes you think. What makes an angel and what makes a demon? It was a conflict that was revisited by various characters. There is a scene between the angel Gabriel and Barney in which Gabriel responds with, “You think the actions of a demon trump the word of God?” I found this scene especially interesting. To find out what happens, go read it!


Overall, I was impressed with this book. From the writing to the development, it was all done well. It’s a story I would like to see turned into a series at some point. I appreciate the work that went into it, and I’m excited to see what else Minori comes up with.



“Well, who am I to question? God works in – “


“If you say ‘mysterious ways,’ I swear I’m going to leap across this desk and clock you one.”








Website: http://minorjoystudios.com/?page_id=1036


Follow Christopher on Twitter: @ctminori


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christopher.minori



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